Most of the children we serve are in the custody of the State of Texas because of previous abuse or neglectful environments. Permanency goals for these children might include adoption, reuniting with their birth families, kinship care or remaining in foster care until they turn 18 years old or graduate High School. Our foster families can specialize in caring for teen parents and their children; children with autistic behaviors; sibling groups; children with medical needs; children with significant developmental delays; or preparation for adult living. We also foster infants, toddlers and children with basic care needs.

​Our view of treatment at Giocosa includes fundamentals of humanism such as free will, expression, responsibility, purpose and meaning. Many foster children feel powerless over their lives because of the abuse and neglect they have experienced in the past. It is our goal to encourage these children to develop self-reliance as well as positive self-esteem enabling them with the motivation and coping skills necessary to live productive lives.